Hi, Hello Vanakam. Hope you’re all safe in this pandemic, i saw that people are can’t afford to pay and join the advanced courses in online. But they are eager to learn. To those people it would be a helpful thing because one of the top best platform to learn computer security kinda stuff TryHackMe is now offering an opportunity to learn. Advent of Cyber :)

Advent of Cyber:
It is a event for the people who was interested in cybersecurity. A Beginner friendly challenges leading up to chirstmas. For 25 days they will be releasing byte sized challenges and walkthroughs. It’s Completely Free. Hurry up and signup tryhackme and join the room to get started.

To know more about Advent of Cyber: Link

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Hello all, This is part 2 of the Pointers in C. If you came here directly go back and learn about the brief introduction about pointers. After reading that it will be more efficient. Lets get into it

  • Pointers with different Datatypes
  • Typecasting Array to pointers Datatype

Hey Guys welcome to this blog in this were gonna see about the interesting topic especially im very curious about this. Lets get into it

According to Definition: Web scraping, web harvesting, or web data extraction is data scraping used for extracting data from websites. Todays Menu card will be

Hey Guys Hope you good at this pandemic welcome to the brand new blog, without any further discussion lets get into the topic. Our Agenda consists of

  • What is Forward Proxies
  • What is Reverse Proxies
  • Difference between Forward and Reverse Proxies
  • LoadBalancer vs ReverseProxy

Hey Amazing D3bugg3rs, Hope you’re doing well. In this we’re gonna disassemble the Pointers into pieces. Consider a Memory chunks to copy which is used by different functions while executing the program and it’s too expensive. For example EIP is a Instruction Pointer which points to another instruction.

According to…


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